The Optical Mechanical (2019) Multi-channel Video Installation, 4 min, 800 x 450cm

Conjoining the Effect of the Real (2018) Screen Print, Perspex, Aluminium, Lino 350 x 350cm

The Rhythm Machine (2017) Multi-channel Video Installation, 4 min, 670 x 470cm

The Rhythm Machine (2017) HD Video, 4 min, Dimensions Variable

Kicking Out (2016), Mixed Media, 230 x 50cm

Anonymous and Improbable Destinations (2016) HD video, 4:22 min, Installation View

Traverse (2015) Screen Print on Steel, Concrete, Wood, 300 x 300cm

Void of Reinforcement (2016) Screen Print on Latex, 150cm x 150cm

Trust Me (2016) Mixed Media, 244 x 210cm

Sta cca to (2016) Mixed Media, 210 x 150cm

Untitled (2015) Screen Print on Perspex, 170 x 100cm