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In Tandem (2021) Screen Print on Incada Exel, 62 x 189cm 

The Optical Mechanical is an ensemble of animation, sound and factory transformations, exploring the temporal aspects of production. Using modulated voices and animation to explore the tempo and energy of each apparatus, the work recapitulates and evolves, simulating the syncronised spectacle of automation; The repetition of such, working as a catalyst, drawing parallels to the stretch of time between the industrial and post-industrial. Further exploring the relationship of both human and machine, the roles of both ‘conductor’ and ‘orchestra’ create iterative structures within the installation, parallel to the beating drum of the conveyor. The rhythmical energy of such, beating louder and stronger, pounding with the pulse of time itself.

In Tandem (2021) Screen Print, 62 x 189cm.jpg
Manoeuvres (2021) Screen Print on Incada Excel, 60 x 101cm .jpg
Recalibrations (2022) Screen Print on Incada Exel, 155 x 60cm new  copy FINAL FINAL. jpg.j
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